Are you an IT service provider that is faced with the following problems:

  • Difficulty in hiring and keeping technical support staff
  • Additional fixed cost (office space, insurances, turnovers & etc) when having more staff
  • Non-billable idle time when demand is low
  • Limited manpower when job demands are high
  • Management burden when having more staff to manage

We are a platform that enable you to access a large number of IT professionals. They are available both on weekday and also weekends, on hourly rate or fixed price per job, to handle your sudden high workload without the need for a fixed salary. 

We provide these Technical Support Services

  • IT setup for new office
  • Software and OS installations
  • Setup of email account
  • Troubleshooting desktop/laptop issues
  • IT Training end users
  • Computer maintenance
  • Router and network setup
  • Troubleshooting of network issues
  • Configure firewall and antivirus
  • Setup & configure network printers
  • Recovery of accidentally deleted files
  • Point of Sales systems (Windows or Linux)
  • Setup of Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Configure network security
  • Server administration
  • Mobile & Tablet setup and configurations 
  • Data backup & recovery
  • IT security 
  • Windows re-installations
  • Cracked laptop LCD
  • Mobile phone repairs
  • Outlook configuration & support
  • Microsoft Office training
  • Other services available



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Fynd provides technical support for devices like laptop, desktop, PC, notebook, printer, network, routers and mobile devices such as iPhone repair. We also provide data recovery services to help you restore important data due to crashes, damages or accidental deletion. We provide services for both residential and SME (small medium enterprises).